SHUAA Egypt Research supports the brokerage franchise by serving all types of clients (institutions, high net-worth individuals, and individuals). Through a client-centric approach, SHUAA Egypt Research is committed to adding value to clients by providing actionable research using traditional and innovative fundamental analysis and technical analysis tools.

The Research department's scope aims to search for investment opportunities in Egypt, in order to help clients prosper by uncovering hidden values in equities, while adhering to regulations, ethical standards thus upholding integrity and transparency, all with the aim of positioning SSE as a thought leader in Egypt.

SHUAA Egypt Research’s four key pillars are:

  1. Human Capital: Mobilizing research capabilities and focusing on action-driven research.
  2. Products: Continuously develop the products line-up and introducing new distinctive research content.
  3. Coverage: Expanding coverage and positioning SHUAA Egypt Research as the go-to research source.
  4. Technology: Utilizing technology to create new innovative products and services.

Research products and services cover different areas, such as economy, strategy, and equity. Our value proposition is to help clients better understand the ongoing issues and themes impacting Egypt’s macro economy, market strategy, sectors, and individual companies.

Fundamental Research products include:

Technical Research products include:

Intra-Day Trading:Providing intra-day ranges for one or more stock throughout the trading day to help clients navigate.